The Most Wonderful Christmas Shopping Trip by FAR
Battersea Power Station Christmas Tree

As part of FAR's Christmas experience, the team spent the day at the recently redeveloped Battersea Power Station in South London (UK), a shopping mecca.

We have watched over the years as this building fell into decay after stopping producing power in 1983. The transformation is truly an awe-inspiring and fantastic environment for shopping and spending your leisure time, as alongside the stores there are restaurants, a cinema, and, due to this time of year, a huge outdoor ice skating rink.

Each member of the team was given a small amount of homework to come up with a real-life example of how the FAR technology could enhance this already amazing place. These are the three main ones that made the shortlist:

  1. Battersea Power Station App:
    By adding FAR to the App, you can visualise all the various types of stores, restaurants, and facilities, branded to suit the rest of the creative design, and link to offers that people only access when they are in the local area. A true example of ‘you have to be in it to win it!’
  2. Physical Signage:
    This obviously presents a number of opportunities for FAR, as we have previously suggested above; however, what we did realise is that once the ‘printed physical signage’ was in place, it was already out of date as it only opened earlier in 2023. In addition, one of the ‘you are here 'diagrams' was wrong and placed the location on the opposite side of the whole building.

    By using isometric (3D angled views) of the floor layout, the problem of being unable to navigate is compounded by their inability to understand where they are. We feel this is a real-life example of how our new entry-level product, 'RTM', could be applied.
  3. Holidays and Events:
    Especially at this time of year and as with other holidays throughout the year, or even when the environment is changing for a specific event. Additional signage, temporary infrastructure, and decorations are in place. This can drastically change your view of the environment and place objects in your line of sight that would not normally be there.

    The flexibility to adapt your wayfinding and signage to reflect these seasonal changes is again where FAR’s technology comes in.

As you can see from the 3 ideas above, this is the tip of the iceberg in wayfinding and personal navigation in retail, leisure, and mixed-use developments. FAR is constantly looking at all areas of our lives and how this technology can be useful, a utility, and enhance our lives.

Let's see what brands utilise this technology in 2024, because, as the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook once said, “This technology is profound” and “it will become a part of our lives as three square meals a day.”

If you work in retail, either as a brand, a shopping centre or even the developer behind the apps for this sector, please get in touch, as we have a new FREE entry-level offering of the FAR technology called RTM that’s launching in early 2024. Press Here and sign up to be one of the first in the world to access this most transformational technology through FAR.

For further information on how FAR can help you embrace AR, please visit or follow @FAR on socials
If you would like to find out further information on Battersea Power Station, Press Here!

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