FAR CEO Simon Brown speaks to students during Careers Week.
Middlesbrough College Campus Arial View

FAR CEO Simon Brown was recently invited to deliver a very visual and candid presentation to a room full of students in the Digital Department of Middlesbrough College.

Simon outlined his early career, how FAR was founded, and how his career path to that point differed from that of FAR CLO Deborah McGargle. He then went on to explain how digital technology has changed in the last 50 years and the impacts it has on today's society.

A key element that Middlesbrough College was keen the students got to understand is the potential roles and responsibilities of the team at FAR and what the possible pathways are, what skills are required, and the key courses in higher education for them to secure gainful employment in a fast-moving tech company.

Simon’s presentation was followed up with a Q&A session, where students got to ask anything they wanted regarding what they had both seen and heard. The engaging audience asked some excellent questions and allowed Simon to provide his own context and draw on his own experiences.

The overall feedback was excellent, with quite a number of students waiting to speak one-on-one with Simon afterwards.

Simon said, “I really enjoyed today with the students; it’s interesting to see who is looking to make digital technologies their career choice and for me to answer questions on what has become my life over 30+ years.”

For further information on Middlesbrough College, please visit www.mbro.ac.uk
For further information on how FAR can help you embrace AR, please visit www.f-ar.co or follow @FAR on social media.

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